He leads me in the paths of the righteous for His Name’s sake © Pieter Buijs 2011 Made with Xara Pieter’s Songs & Music Hi, welcome to my songs and music website. You’ll find here a selection of my songs which I see as pictures on my journey downhere. Just as you may like to take a picture of a beautiful spot I like to write a song when my spiritual eyes are opened to see something wonderful about Jesus in the scriptures. Just as with pictures these songs help me to remember the truth the song speaks about and encourages me to trust Him. There are a few compositions without words [music]. I love to make nice melodies. Nearly all pictures that are used on the website are actually holiday pictures taken by me or my son or my daughter. The idea behind the website is to share, freely what I received. So please feel free to download the mp3s and pdfs for personal use.  I would love to hear from you so if you like what you hear, feel free to use the contact page.   I hope you’ll enjoy your visit.  Pieter
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